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Did you know?

40% of cars require repairs in their fourth year

Average labour rates were set at nearly £75 per hour in 2014

Warranty Direct's highest claim paid in 2014 was just over £20,000

Warranty Direct has been awarded the HAT Standard for customer service

Your guide to warranties

What is a warranty?

A car warranty is a form of insurance policy. If an item breaks down due to the mechanical or electrical failure of a covered part, the warranty can cover the costs of replacement parts and labour and protect you from unexpected repair bills.

Why buy a warranty?

40%* of cars are known to suffer a breakdown in their fourth year, just after most manufacturer warranties expire! A good warranty will help you avoid big repair bills, allow you to budget and potentially be good for your peace of mind - and your pocket!

Why choose Warranty Direct?

With over 20 years of business, Warranty Direct is the longest operating provider of insured motor warranties in the UK. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, all their policies include cover for Wear & Tear*, Consequential Damage and failures found at MOT and servicing as standard. Delighting customers remains the company’s principle objective and the company has received awards based on their customer’s feedback including the Feefo Gold Trusted Service award for 2017. Auto Trader is pleased to be their partner.